About me

I was born in Greece and for many years I studied different  dance and somatic practices. In 1990 I was an active member of the Oktana Dance Theatre, a group of  young  dancers  who performed in different  stages  and together with other dance companies defined  the contemporary  dance  scene in Greece. Parallel to dance I studied Pedagogics, I explored music through piano, djembe and  flute  until I discovered Dalcroze Eurhythmics and  Orff-Schwulwerk. These are approaches for music that use movement, percussion instruments, drama and  singing  to  work  with  children. So I began to teach creative movement, dramatic play and music awareness at kindergardens  and primary schools. Years  later I studied  Dance / Movement Therapy  and  my interest  for mythology, art  history, poetry  and  philosophy  led  me at  the  Open  University  to  study   Greek Culture.

I  facilitate trainings, workshops  and seminars  in Authentic Movement and DMT in different health, cultural or educational settings in Europe,  for people who wish to explore  their  body soul consciousness.

As a group facilitator I try to embrace a wide spectrum of approaches. Through  Dance/ Movement Therapy  people   can connect with their life issues and activate their internal and  external  resources. Different approaches such as mindfulness and active imagination in movement, enables bodily awareness, the promotion of change in perception of  bodily symptoms and the stabilisation of well -being.

I  adhere  to  the  code  of  ethics  of  the  German Association of Dance Therapists in which  I  am  a registered member, a trainer, a teaching therapist (BTD) and the code of ethics of  the  Greek Association of  Dance Therapists (GADT).  That ensures  my  regular supervision as well as my continuing  development, both  personally  and  professionally.

Recently I started supervising new creative therapists as part of my training process to become a supervisor under the standarts of BTD (German Association of Dance Therapists). I  offer  online  supervision in a way to confront  the social and cultural challenges of our times  by  exploring new ways to navigate border crossings and  working with somatic engagement.

In 2010 I moved to Germany near the borders with France and Luxembourg, I  am a mother of two sons and I keep dreaming, hoping and  dancing  with the challenges that life  unfolds  for  me.