Einzelarbeit  in Authentic Movement nach Absprache.


02.09. 2017 & 29.10. 2017  Neumühle, Europäisches Zentrum für Meditation und Begegnung, Mettlach, Einführung in Authentic Movement. Anmeldung  und Infos: :http://www.meditation-saar.de/coach_seminars/einfuehrung-in-authentic-movement/?coach_seminar_date=1504348200

23.09. 2017/ 04.11. 2017 Mutantheater,  Saarbrücken.  Einführung in Authentic Movement. Anmeldung und  Infos: AM MUTANTEATER

28.10. 2017 Mutantheater,  Saarbrücken.  Der Blick nach innen. Eine Zugang  für Selbst -Fürsorge über Tanz  und  Bewegung. Anmeldung und Infos:  Der Blick nach Innen


Coming Home to Myself, Coming Home to my Body. A 3 Part Workshop in Authentic Movement in ZoEspaces, Basel. Flyer Information   Coming home(4)

08./09. September 2017 – Introduction in Authentic Movement 20./21. October 2017- Authentic Movement and Embodied Text 24./25.  November 2017- Authentic Movement and Self- Care

Coming Home to Myself, Coming Home to my Body. Three two days intensive Workshops in Authentic Movement, in Basel, Switzerland.  We will reflect on the archetypal theme of Home trying to define the inner and outer dimensions of home by bringing possible questions and experiences  arising within the symbolic attachment to it:  the home as a journey or as an outer landscape, the home as a community, the home as a need to belong or as an archetype of inner centeredness and many more. As Jungian analyst, John Hill points out « home represents the way we contain our life and define our relationship to the outside world.,,,  the actual interior of our homes in present is a heaven of memory, history and grounding, an oasis of individual taste and culture ».

In collaboration with  Zoe Tanz und Brigitte Züger  :http://www.zoe-tanz.ch/kurse/gastkurs/



19./ 20./ 21. /01- 2018  Authentic Movement Training, Athens– Part of the training programm in DMT, Greek Association of Dance Therapists.

Previous Workshops

16. 07. 2017 Naxos Island.   Greece. Dance over the traces! An introductory  Dance /Movement Therapy workshop in greek language.  Ιnformation only in greek : Πάνω στα χνάρια χόρευε

Einführung in Authentic Movement.  11. März 2017. Therapiezentrum am Schenkelberg, Schenkelbergstrasse 22,  Saarbrücken. Infos :einfuhrung-in-authentic-movement

Authentic Movement oriented to trauma  for experienced practitioners..21.01.2017-22.01.2017, Athens.  Greek Association of Dance Therapists.This seminar is for  professional dance therapists, members of the Association.

A two days residential  workshop  inspired by the work of C. G. Jung’s Depth Psychology and Dance/ Movement Therapy.  27.01.-29.01.2017, Belgium. Venue: Château ferme de Baya.  With Françoise Bacq, clinical psychologist, Jungian analyst & Georgia Aroni, Dance/Movement Therapist, Αuthentic Movement Practitioner.

Introduction to Dance / Movement Therapy. 03.12.2016, Luxembourg, Venue: A Magical Butterfly .