Workshop: Einführung in Authentic Movement– In ‘Authentic Movement’  lauschen wir  nach innen mit geschlossenen Augen und wir beobachten, was in uns präsent ist. Über Bewegung, Stille und Begegnung erlauben wir Impulse, Empfindungen, Bilder und Gefühle auszudrücken. Im anschließenden Austausch mit anderen, vertiefen wir die Verbindung zu ihnen und zu uns selbst.

Der Workshop ist offen für alle, die an einer verkörperten Spiritualität interessiert sind und ihren Körper bewusster in Stille und Bewegung erleben möchten. Termin: 03.03.2018 Zeit: 10:30-15:30 Uhr. Ort: n.n. Kosten: 60,-€ inkl. Materialien  Anmeldung bis 4 Tage vor Beginn des Workshops.  aronig@t-online.de


19. 20. 21. /01- 2018 Introduction in Authentic Movement  Athens.  Part of the Τraining Programm in Dance / Movement Therapy, Greek Association of Dance Therapists  http://www.gadt.gr/index.html

16.07. –  20.07. 2018  Tinos Island, Cyclades. A 5-Day Workshop on Active Imagination and Movement, co-  facilitated with Françoise Bacq, jungian analyst, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, based in Belgium. More Information will follow under the page Summer 2018.



Introduction in Authentic Movement  in co-facilitation with Françoise  Bacq, member of the Belgian Association of Analytical Psychology, SBPA http://www.atmavictu.be/pages/index.php?num=162

Atelier expérientiel d’initiation en Authentic Movemen  les samedis 7/04, 26/05 et 16/06/2018, de 10h à 16h30.
La participation aux 3 journées est recommandée pour s’approprier pleinement le processus.
Si toutefois vous ne pouvez vraiment pas vous libérer pour ces 3 dates mais souhaitez néanmoins en faire l’expérience, nous vous accueillerons dans la limite des places disponibles.   Dans un lieu de ressourcement
Terre d’éveil
556 Chaussée de Louvain
1380 OHAIN
à 5′ du Ring Est (sortie Waterloo)


A monthly Authentic Movement Practice Group  (February 17th 2018, March 17th 2018, April 14th 2018, May 13th 2018, June 09th 2018 ) will take place in Basel, with the main focus for people to meet, share and reflect regularly on the form of Authentic Movement by practicing different forms as movers and witnesses. The intention of this group is to widening the field and allow the participants to ‘hold’ an individual approach, to develop the inner witness from their unique perspective such as: the practice of Authentic Movement as a spiritual experience, as a part of a psychotherapeutic process, as a connection to the community, as a self-care practice for well-being or as a creative artistic process. The group facilitation will be in English and German. Prior movement experience will be useful for the process. The group is open for experienced practitioners as well. An open session for new movers  who are interested to explore the practice, will take place (for free ) 1,5 hour prior to the session. For more information and for attending the group please contact Georgia Aroni: aronig@t-online.de. Postkarte Practicing Day AM 1. HJ 18         Registration:  https://www.zoe-tanz.ch/kurse/authentic-movement-practice-group/

 Moving the Inner Landscape

A 3 Part Series in Authentic Movement- 31 Aug & 1 Sept 2018, 21. & 22. Sept 2018 19. & 20. 2018. This series allows the slow and profound development for kinesthetic awareness, the understanding about movement patterns and their connection to feelings and expression, the openness to a mystical practice, the rediscovery of creative impulses leading towards wholeness. It can be of special interest to those working in the field of psychotherapy, coaching, education, art therapy, mindfulness or bodywork as well as for those without professional intention who want to deepen the body’s way working towards an integrate whole. Please note that this is not a psychotherapeutic group. In collaboration with ZoeTanz Projekte Brigitte Züger Inner Landscape-2