Clinical Practice

My clinical experience the last 20 years includes work for adults, adolescents and children, work in therapy centers for dependent individuals, DMT for people with psychosomatic symptoms, with chronic mental diseases and work in private care centers . Parallel to my DMT practice I organized educational programs for schools and run a private practice using arts therapies for the community, for families, especially for women.

As a facilitator I focus on working with active imagination in movement, a process which enables an embodied conciousness and the developing of the inner sense of the Self.

I am particularly interested in the use of Authentic Movement as a mindful practice for well being and self-care. Authentic Movement can be experienced as an inner journey into the unknown, by unfolding deep transformation especially within a traumatic experience.  

I offer sessions, workshops and seminars in  german, english and greek. Recently  I  have started  to  provide supervision for  new creative therapists  as part of my procedure for Accreditation as a supervisor, following the standards of the German Assosiation for Dance Therapists BTD.

My areas of practice  and interest  include

Dance / Movement  Therapy oriented to Trauma

Dance / Movement Therapy Focusing on Psychosomatics

Dance / Movement Therapy  in  Oncology

Authentic Movement  and  Traumatic  Experience

Authentic Movement as an Embodied Mindfulness Practice for Self- Care

Training Therapy for DMT Trainees

Supervision for  health practitioners


 … I am so thankful for the  empowerment and the awareness I received working  with you. When  I saw my client, the difference I observe on me was spectacular… ( A.K)