Journals  Αρώνη, Γ. (2016). Ενα μοντέλο συνεχιζόμενης εκπαίδευσης για τις θεραπείες μέσω τεχνών στην ογκολογία. [A continuing professional development model for the arts therapies in oncology]. Approaches: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Music Therapy , Special Issue,8(1) pp.63-67.ISSN 2459-3338

Book Chapters 
Aroni. G., Freiberg A. (2019). H Xοροθεραπεία στην Ψυχοσωματική Ιατρική, Διάλογοι μεταξύ Ψυχής και Σώματος. [Dance Therapy in Psychosomatic Medicine, Dialogues between Soul and Body]. In L. Giotis, D. Maravelis, Α. Pantagoutsou & Ε. Giannouli (Eds.), Η Συμβολή των Ψυχοθεραπειών Μέσω Τέχνης στην Ψυχιατρική Θεραπευτική [The Contribution of Arts Psychotherapies in Psychiatric Treatment]. Athens: Vita Publications
Conference Presentations
2015  10th International Conference for Arts Therapies Students, Ottersberg. Workshop – Authentic Movement as an Embodied Practice for Training Art Therapists.
2010  Symposium of the Greek Society of Councelling, Athens.  Αrt as a Τool in Recent Τherapeutical Αpproaches. Workshop – Introduction in Dance Movement Therapy.
2009  ECARTE 10th European Arts Therapies Conference, London -Poster Presentation- Stories in Motion, A Dance Movement Therapy Approach with a Group of Chronic Patients.
2008  1st Conference of Psychology Students- Νational and Kapodistrian University of Athens – Department of Psychology. Workshop – Introduction in Dance Movement Therapy.
2007  11th Conference on Psychological Research – University of Crete, Greece. Poster Presentation – Learning and Therapeutic Dimensions of Movement, in the process of  children development.
2007  1st Conference on Drama and Playtherapy – Xarokopeio University, Athens. Art and Metaphor in Psychotherapeutic Process 1. Workshop – The Circles of LIfe- Introduction in Dance Movement Therapy 2. Poster presentation – The  Effect of  Dance Movement Therapy in a group of children.
2005  ECARTE, Arts Therapies Conference, Crete. Workshop – Dancing with conflict- A short term project working with immigrants students in Greece.
2004 Symposium on Body, Education and Experienced Knowledge – University of Crete, Greece. Paper Presentation – The Application of Dance Movement Therapy  with Dependent Individuals.
Other Presentations

2016  National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of Primary Education. Creative Movement Workshop for teachers who participate in the E.K.P.A Programm for Αsylum seekers and Refugees.

2013  Greek Association of Dance Therapists.  Authentic  Movement  as  a  form  of Active  Imagination”.

2012  Zoe Tanz – Energie durch Bewegung, Basel .  Introduction to Authentic Movement. The Great water of the Psyche”

2012  Anima & Animus. Centre of Artistic Education, Athens, Greece.  Introduction to Dance / Movement Therapy”.

2009 University of Nursing, Athens. Postgraduate Program: Mental Health Nursing. Course Description: Special Issues in Psychiatric Nursing. Introduction to Dance / Movement Therapy”.

2008  Greek Association of Dance Therapists, Ιntroductory circle in Dance Movement Therapy.  Introduction to Authentic Movement”

2008  Isadora & Raymond Duncan Dance Research Centre, Athens. Assisting Facilitation  in an Authentic Movement Workshop led by Eleni Levidi, with members of advanced Authentic Movement groups.” Authentic Movement: Listening to the Unformed Impulses of the Human Soul “.

2007  Institute of Play Therapy and DramaTherapy, Athirma, Athens  “Ιntroduction to Dance/ Movement Therapy”.

2007  Greek Association of Dance Therapists, Introductory Training Circle in Dance Movement Therapy. With the Soul into the body.